btw: ever been in Stockholm? Great city, even without the syndrom..

The take aways I wish I knew in my early twenties.

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Have you ever wondered, why all great love stories in film, literature and music are about unattainable love? Romeo and Juliette, The Bridges of Madison County, Love Story, Gone with the Wind. They have become a compass to our romantic quest for love with that someone very special.

In contrast to the tragic fate of our heroines and heroes, we want our love to last forever. Anything less fells like a compromise.

Love is emotional investment.

The concept of romantic love is not new, it dates back to the 12th century. For ordinary people in the middle ages, marriage meant a sense of duty…

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What my 5 lessons learned can do for you

When a filmmaker dreams, he dreams big. Sundance, Venice Film Festival, Cannes. Aim high, shoot low. At least with your first budget.

The aspiration to become a moviemaker doesn’t speak to the sensible part of your brain. Making a living with movies not to the grey matter that can be objective. You tell stories with moving images because they come from the depth of your heart when it is allowed to dream.

The creative adult is the child who survived — Ursula K. Le Guin

I wasn’t interested in following my father’s footsteps into the corporate community. There was more…

How a pilgrim taught me to change my perspective

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Is this autobiographical, or pure fiction?”

Carlos asked me when I pitched him the subject matter of the screenplay that I just finished writing. That was five years ago in Santander, in a small hostel, where we shared a room. It was the 10th day of our hiking journey on the Way of St. James, along the Northern Spanish Coast to Santiago de Compostella.

Luckily his English was much better than my Spanish.

After a very hot day, I ordered two more cerveceas in the shade of the porch. We both…

Simon Aeby

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